Coca-Cola’s century old strategy to influence perceptions and policy

Coca-Cola is a marketing machine. It’s in the company’s DNA. Go back to its roots in the 1880’s and 1890’s when the company’s pharmacist founders were asking the question: how can we get people to buy a product whose main ingredient is one of Earth’s most abundant elements – water? Fast forward to today, when we’re now […]

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Cholesterol testing in children and adolescents: useful or unreliable?

The other week a coaching client of mine told me about a recent cholesterol test ordered by the child’s pediatrician. Its results were mixed, some numbers fell into “normal” ranges, and others didn’t. Of particular concern for the family was the slightly elevated total cholesterol and non-HDL cholesterol. High cholesterol ran in the family. The father […]

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Cooking matters

Cooking makes us human. It’s one of the few distinguishing features between us and our primate ancestors. It serves an important physiological, cultural, and even spiritual purpose. Cooking unlocks potential energy in food. Research has shown that eating a cooked vegetable or piece of meat provides more calories than if you were to eat the […]

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