Writing has always felt natural to me. It’s a way to express myself – much more so than speaking. But, there’s an art to writing, creatively connecting words to peak the imagination, challenge the mind, or inspire the soul. I live for those moments. Writing is all about connecting: the seemingly random or unrelated thoughts, observations and topics; my own individual experience to broader situations or policies; and most importantly, with the reader.

Whatever my writing task – personal and professional blogging, freelance writing, editing, peer-reviewed articles, or policy briefs, reports, and toolkits – I approach it with this same fundamental desire to find the right combination of words, at the right time, for the right audience that will inform and inspire.

Freelance Writing

Contributions to global health, fitness, running and triathlon media outlets, including:

  • Devex
  • Fit Nation Magazine
  • RunMinnesota Magazine
  • Training a Runner Magazine

Currently serve as triathlon editor for Training a Runner: The Better Running Magazine.

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youth will

devex healthy means access

Fit nation article

Policy and Research Products

Taking Stock: Why U.S. Investments in Global Health Matter, chapter on Non-communicable Diseases, Global Health Council

Sugary Drinks in Communities of Color: Recent Research and Policy Options for Reducing Consumption, Leadership for Healthy Communities

Rural Childhood Obesity Prevention Toolkit, Leadership for Healthy Communities

Health in a Globalized World: What Every Public Health Professional Should Know About Trade Policy, Global Health Council

Global Leadership, Local Solutions: Mobilizing for NCDs, Global Health Council

United States Contributions to Global Health: How Our Dollars are Saving Lives, Global Health Council


Take Me to Your Liter: Politics, Power and Public-Private Partnerships in Global Health Efforts to Combat NCDs. Washington International Law Journal. University of Washington School of Law. Spring 2015.

State Boards of Health: Governance and Politics. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics. 2011;39(suppl. 1):37-41.


Guest Editor, GLOBALHEALTH Magazine, Issue 12, Fall 2011

ncd magazine


Read old posts of my blog, Equilibrium, here.


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