On choosing our actions and friends wisely

Time is life’s ultimate currency. It’s uncompromisingly absolute.

We feel liberated when we possess an abundance of it. And hopelessly trapped when we don’t.

Yet, as finite as 60 seconds can be, the sum of those in what is our life is a question with a less finite answer.

So, we live. We find things to fill our time and choose the people to share those experiences with.

Being busy isn’t the same as being productive, though. Nor is being productive the same as being fulfilled or purposeful.

Seneca offers some helpful guidance here,

“Then we must appraise the actual things we are attempting and match our strength to what we are going to undertake…certain tasks are not so much great as prolific in producing many other tasks: we must avoid those which give birth in turn to new and manifold activities, and not approach something from which we cannot easily withdraw. You must set your hands to tasks which you can finish or at least hope to finish, and avoid those which get bigger as you proceed and do not cease where you had intended.”

He goes on to caution about choosing who we associate ourselves with. Our immediate peer group can be the difference between realizing our dreams and never dreaming in the first place.

“We must be especially careful in choosing people, and deciding whether they are worth devoting a part of our lives to them, whether the sacrifice of our time makes a difference to them. For some people actually charge us for our services to them.”

As a wise friend of mine always reminds me, “we all make choices…”


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