Workout of the Week: Weekend Race Simulation

Each week I share a swim, bike, run, plyometric or strength workout from my training. Give it a shot and leave your feedback in the comments.

I’m a couple weeks out from my final races of the season. This past weekend included my final preparation sessions before I begin my taper. Instead of the typical individual sessions for “workout of the week,” I thought I’d share my race simulation sessions over two days. All three sessions over two days all complemented each other. I didn’t create any one of these in isolation. There was a progression and a reason for each. Basically, the weekend was one big brick workout, but instead of one bike session I did two on Saturday. The first was a pretty standard TT set at half Ironman pace. The second bike session was shorter intervals at slightly faster than Olympic pace – almost like a “fast finish” session when combined with the morning one. So the goal was to make sure I finished the bike leg strong.

The next morning it’s on to the run, or the second half of the multi-day brick workout. The key here is to do the run in the morning, so the legs are still fatigued from the day before. The run session is a pretty standard one for me, and one I absolutely love: 3x 3 miles at goal half-Ironman pace with 4 minute easy recovery in between each.

Saturday – Double Bike

AM Session – 90 minute TT
20 minute warm up
2x 40 minute TT @ half Ironman pace +5 minute easy between each
10 minute cool down
PM Session – 3 minute bilateral @ Olympic pace +5%
20 minute warm up
6x 3 minutes ON / 3 minutes EASY
10 minute cool down

Sunday – Race Pace Run

15 minute warm up
3x 3miles @ half Ironman goal pace + 4 minute recovery
15 minute cool down

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