Mindset is everything

I’m in the middle of reading the best-seller, The Magic of Thinking Big. Though originally published in 1959, the principles it contains are timeless. More importantly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, entrepreneur, personal trainer, or working your first job as a sales rep at Macy’s, the tips, traits, routines, and mindsets cut across any occupation or life endeavor.

But if there’s one thing that’s really resonated with me thus far it’s been the sections around self-talk and mindset. Often, our biggest barriers are self-imposed. We define for ourselves what’s possible by something artificial, our own restrictive, negative thoughts about all the reasons we can’t do something.

We only know our own limits by thinking in terms of possibilities and practical steps. Challenges seem daunting when we only focus on the things out of our control. Turn our attention to what we can do, what’s in our control, and our thinking expands.

As Victor Frankel illustrates in his extraordinary first-hand account of surviving in a Nazi concentration camp in Man’s Search for Meaning, the one thing we can always absolutely control is our own mindset in a situation. Sometimes we can’t control the situation, but we can always control how we approach or react to it.

In The Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwartz sums it all up quite concisely:

“…you are what you think you are, what your thought power directs you to become. Think you’re weak, think you lack what it takes, think you will lose, think you are second-class — think this way, and you are doomed to mediocrity.”

If you think you’re going to fail, you already have. Mindset is everything.


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