Workout of the week: power cleans to front squats

Each week I share a swim, bike, run, plyometric or strength workout from my training. Give it a shot and leave your feedback in the comments.

A couple weeks ago I started combining cleans and front squats. Now, cleans are a purely explosive movement, used to develop power. Front squats are geared more towards strength and endurance. So by combining the two, you focus on explosive power for the first part, then switch gears to improve muscular endurance. Both are great for improving your cycling. Usually your front squat will be considerably less (maybe up to 40%) compared to a regular barbell back squat. So, your working weight for both the clean and front squat should be in the same ballpark. The upper-body movements are single-armed, forcing you to focus on and develop both sides evenly. Not to mention, when it comes to running, cycling, and swimming, each limb is always isolated when generating propulsive force. So, why not do the same in your strength training?


Hang clean to barbell front squat 3×5

(complete 5 reps of hang cleans, then in the finish position, transition straight into front squats)

Good mornings 3×5

Single arm dumbbell snatch 3×10 each arm

Alternate single arm dumbbell press 3×10 each arm

Lateral Band Walks 3x 10 each side

Reverse hyper-extension on stability ball 3x 15-20

Stability ball push up to knees-to-chest 3x 12-15




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