Fueling for triathlon using UCAN

I’ve written about UCAN Superstarch a lot before. I personally have been using it to fuel my running and triathlon training and racing since 2012. After making the switch to UCAN from more traditional sports nutrition products, I saw some huge performance improvements. It’s after this switch that I qualified for Boston and ran my first sub 3-hour marathon, for example.

UCAN is a revolutionary new fuel source and approach to sports nutrition. Unlike simple sugars that put your blood sugar on a roller-coaster ride, Superstarch is slow-releasing, keeping a more constant stream of energy by allowing you to burn more fat as fuel.

But how do you use it?

Generation UCAN does webinars from time to time, which I highly recommend. Subscribe to their YouTube channel and watch some of the old ones. They invite well known coaches and nutritionists on to talk about the benefits of UCAN and how you might incorporate its use into your training and racing.

This webinar with former Olympic dietician Bob Seebohar talks about fueling for triathlon with UCAN. It’s a real gem, loaded with tons of great information. Take a listen.

And if you’re looking to dial in your nutrition for the upcoming triathlon season and interested in giving UCAN a try, whether the Superstarch or their new UCANSnacks (which are AMAZING), enter the code “UCANINSPIRECM” and receive 10% off your purchase.


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