Cycling and contact lenses

I have a problem and I’m looking for ideas.

Within the past couple weeks, my contacts started giving me issues while cycling. But, not both of them, just my right eye. After about 90 minutes of riding, wind, sweat, dryness, and dirt particles from the road conspire together to irritate my contact lens. On a few unfortunate occasions, it was so bad that my lens popped right out. A recent visit to the eye doctor also ended with the optometrist scraping a small particle off my cornea that got stuck there. Thankfully I haven’t experienced any issues with the other one. Chris Jones  United Healthcare  Amgen Tour of California 2013

I always wear sunglasses when I ride. Even in nasty weather I’ll switch out my dark lenses for clear ones. But they don’t seem to make a difference with my contact lens issue. Air flows underneath the lenses at higher speeds and irritates the lens.

Now, of course the simple solution would be to either:

A) get corrective surgery and never have to deal with contact lenses flying out of my eye again;

B) not where contacts while I cycle; or

C) ride indoors on the turbo trainer 100% of the time like Andy Potts.

Well, since my triathlon season is just around the corner, option A is out. As for option B? Well, let’s just say I’m pretty close to legally blind without glasses or contacts. So scratch that one off the list too. And I’m not a huge fan of option C since I’m confined to riding indoors for almost half of the year because of the cold winters in Minnesota. I like my sun too much too.

I’ve zeroed in on maybe my sunglasses, but I’m curious if any cyclists or triathletes out there have ever had similar issues with contact lenses?

What was your remedy?

If you have suggestions for good sunglasses or contact lenses, I’m all ears.

Oh, and the sooner, the better. I would really like to see the next time I cross the finish line.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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