Cutting Corners

We encounter opportunities to cut corners all the time. Whether in our jobs, at home, or training for an upcoming race, the temptation to be done instead of complete looms each day. And when it’s only you whose holding yourself accountable, this temptation can sometimes be irresistible.

Two_Paths_Diverged___But when we choose the easy route one day, and follow it up with the same decision the next, we slowly create a personality we never intended.

Sometimes its hard to do the work – to not cut corners. But when we fall into the vicious cycle of cutting corners, we end up with an inferior outcome, whether its a project, a product, a relationship, our fitness, or our own personal development. And then we’re stuck, unable to improve, progress, or grow.

Think of it this way.

If you cut corners enough, you end up going in circles without any chance of progress or improvement.


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