Workout of the week: swim threshold pyramid 100/200/300

Each week I share a swim, bike, run, plyometric or strength workout from my training. Give it a shot and leave your feedback in the comments.

I love this swim session. It comes from a new favorite swim reference of mine: Swim Smooth. I’ve done it once a week for the past couple weeks. It’s a perfect threshold session that emphasizes consistent pacing. Go out too hard on the first 100 or 200, and you won’t have enough for the 300. The last set, especially the 300, is telling of what kind of shape you’re in. Did you nail your third 300 like the first two? Or did you tail off?


Warm Up (1100)

2x [200 f/s

+ 200 kick and drill] as

100 side kick as (25 R / 25 L)x2

100 6-3-6 drill

6×50 descend 1-3; 4-6

Main Set (1800)

3x [100


300] w/ :20 rest between each

100 cool down

Total: 3000 yards


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