How to set goals to keep you in a positive mindset

It’s tempting to sacrifice today for a perceived better tomorrow.

We all want to reach that place of fulfillment, where we feel content, satisfied and happy. We create a single, ambitious goal way down the road; our dream. We heighten expectations. And then we judge ourselves each day for doing things that will help us meet those expectations (or not).

Each day we don’t meet our expectation is another day we think we’ve failed. It’s a reinforcing, negative cycle.

Instead, why not create shorter-term, smaller, attainable goals that put you on a path of positivity? Then, a week becomes a series of seven attained goals, rather than none.

Now, the expectations are dramatically different. It’s all in how you frame the journey for yourself. Are you going to focus exclusively on the big, lofty, distant ambition that you’re aspiring to? Or, are you going to focus on the positive steps you’ve made each day in your journey?

Each day comes with its own challenges and opportunities. These are chances for us to achieve goals we set for ourselves. And when we achieve these goals, it puts us in a more positive mental state. We feel better about ourselves. We aren’t failures, we’re achievers. Each achievement then propels us forward toward our next goal. This time, we come armed with belief in ourselves, belief from attaining our last goal, rather than disappointment for coming up short.


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