Workout of the Week: Hill Tabata

Each week I share a swim, bike, run, plyometric or strength workout from my training. Give it a shot and leave your feedback in the comments.

When I’m crunched for time and want a quick, effective workout, tabata sets are my go-to. They’re quick, focused sessions that give a huge bang for your time buck. You could even condense this session down further to around 20 minutes if you had to. Last week I had a bunch of meetings one day and knew I wouldn’t have much time for an afternoon run session. This session combines the high-intensity of tabata with the strength-building benefits of running uphill. Have at it!


This session is easiest on a treadmill, though it can be done outside. For the 20-second recovery, simply jump off the belt and stand on the sides of the treadmill deck until it’s time for the next interval.

15 minute warm up

15x [40 seconds SPRINT @ 6-7% incline

20 seconds recovery]

5 minute cool down


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