It only takes one

Years ago I held grand visions of making a huge impact on the world (I still do). In the abstract, problems seemed so unjust, and solutions so logical. Why didn’t anything ever change? Why couldn’t systems change so people didn’t face hunger, disease, lack of opportunity, isolation, or despair? small stones

Somewhere along the way I realized something about change and impact though: “the man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

As a writer it’s easy to dream about your words inspiring thousands of people. Some of our world’s most profound leaders could spark the imagination through their compelling prose.

But with these aspirations, it’s easy to jump over all of the small steps in between. Those exciting moments when the words want to dance. Others when they want to take a pass and sit this one out. The sense of accomplishment when it all comes together.

The biggest rush, though, is hearing “thank you.” When someone shares their gratitude, gratitude you helped create through your writing. It’s only one person, but it’s this one person that makes writing worth it.

That’s my huge impact on the world. That’s how I move mountains. It only takes one.


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