Workout of the Week: Polarized 1-minute intervals

Each week I share a swim, bike, run, plyometric or strength workout from my training. Give it a shot and leave your feedback in the comments.

Improving efficiency is the combination of two things: strength and speed. In the case of cycling, strength allows you to push a bigger gear. Power output thereby increases. Speed is equivalent to cadence, or the speed of your leg turnover. Pedaling at a high cadence trains speed; pedaling in a big gear at a low cadence trains strength. These are the polarized ends. In the middle is your sweet-spot. This 60-minute workout trains those polarized ends.

25 minute warm up (Include 5-6 spin-ups)Craig_0105

12x 1 minute max effort / 1 minute recovery

Odds: High cadence (110-125 RPM)

Evens: Big gear / low cadence

5 minutes @ race pace

6 minute cool down


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