Top Fitness Trends for 2015

Every year the American College of Sports Medicine surveys thousands of health and fitness professionals worldwide to predict the next trends. Drum-roll. Here are the results. I’ve also added in parentheses the number of spots each climbed or fell compared to last year’s results. In the spirit of Christmas, green denotes items that moved up on the list, and red for those that fell compared to 2014.

  1. Body weight training (+1)
  2. High-intensity interval training (-1)
  3. Educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals (+0, though ‘certified’ was added)
  4. Strength training (+0)
  5. Personal training (+1)2012-10-18-LululemonYoga
  6. Exercise and weight loss (-1)
  7. Yoga (+3)
  8. Fitness programs for older adults (-1)
  9. Functional fitness (-1)
  10. Group personal training (-1)
  11. Worksite health promotion (+1)
  12. Outdoor activities (+2)
  13. Wellness coaching (+4)
  14. Circuit training (+1)
  15. Core training (-2)
  16. Sport-specific training (+2)
  17. Children and exercise for the treatment/prevention of obesity (-6)
  18. Outcome measurements (-2)
  19. Worker incentive programs (+0)
  20. Boot camp (+0)

What’s trending?

Yoga and wellness coaching both jumped three or more spots from last year. Outdoor activities also moved up two spots.

Children and exercise for the treatment/prevention of obesity fell the most in the rankings – six places. I find the prediction interesting. National and global attention is now focused on childhood obesity. But this prediction seems to contract that increased emphasis. Is it because the issue is losing steam? Or, is the underlying evidence too inconclusive to warrant more focus?

What kind of exercise or fitness routine/approach is on your radar for 2015? Leave a comment below.


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