Workout of the Week: Dumbbell-Only Lower Body Strength Workout

Each week I share a swim, bike, run, plyometric or strength workout from my training. Give it a shot and leave your feedback in the comments.

I used to live in a large apartment building with a small “gym” stocked with just a few machines, two treadmills, a couple medicine balls, a bench and a set of dumbbells up to 50 pounds. Without access to a power rack, barbells, or plates, I made the most of the dumbbells. And let me tell you, you can get a pretty dang good workout in using just a few of them. So, if all you have are a few dumbbells, here’s a simple, but highly effective lower body strength workout that’s great for runners, cyclists, triathletes, or really anyone wanting to build functional strength.

Single Leg Pistol Squat to Bench 3×10dumbbells

Dumbbell (DB) Step Ups w/ Opposite Knee Drive 3×10 (each leg)

DB Single Leg Deadlift 3×10 (each leg)

DB Straight Leg Deadlift 3×10

Kettlebell Swings (use DB if needed) 3×10

Leg Raises 3×10


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